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Company Overview

officeMcGehee Engineering Corp. is recognized as a multi-disciplined consulting firm providing mining, environmental, civil, geotechnical, analytical and specialized expertise to a broad range of clients. We are noted for the overall technical quality of our work, and equally, our responsiveness to our clients’ needs and interests. Our reputation reflects excellence in our areas of practice, the professionalism of our staff, and our commitment to provide Superior Client Service. As such, we provide a client-focused, solution-directed approach to our work with the goal to meet the complete needs of our clients and become your Consultant of Choice. We understand that our ability to distinguish ourselves results as much from applying high quality engineering, scientific, biological, and project management skills as from being excellent listeners, proactive communicators and timely with our solutions. We can combine many other in-house services, from surveying to construction inspection and testing, to provide a product from start to finish. Our goal is to design and maintain a cost effective project that incorporates good engineering and best available science, meet the local, state, and federal regulations or codes, and is an appealing design that meets or exceeds client expectations.


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