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Mining Engineering

Mining engineering is an engineering discipline that involves the practice, the theory, the science, the technology, and application of extracting and processing minerals from a naturally occurring environment.

Mining Engineering Services of McGehee Engineering Corp. has provided private industry and mining companies’ consultation and designs for mining related services for many years now. Our Mining Engineering Department offers a wide range of services, some of which include the following:


  • Permitting for the Alabama Surface Mining Commission (ASMC), Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM), Alabama Department of Industrial Relations (ADIR), Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), and the United States Army Corp of Engineers.
  • Mine design and layout
  • Mine Planning
  • Mineral Reserve Evaluations
  • Production Estimates
  • Blasting Plans
  • Sediment Pond Designs
  • Excess Spoil Disposal
  • MSHA Impoundment Designs
  • Coal Processing Waste Disposal Plans
  • Drainage Control Plans
  • Mine Drainage Treatment Plans
  • Haulroad Design & Layout
  • Groundwater Evaluation & Spill Prevention Control Countermeasures Plans (SPCC)
  • Monitoring & Testing For National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permits
  • MSHA Dust & Noise Surveys & Hearing Conservation Plans
  • MSHA Safety Training
  • Soil Classification & Overburden Analysis
  • Pre-Subsidence Surveys – Underground mining operations surveys for potential subsidence claims.
  • Pre-Blast Surveys -A pre-blast survey creates a record on paper and video of what condition your home, water supply, and other buildings on your land are like before any mine blasting.


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