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Threatened & Endangered Species

The presence of state or federally protected threatened or endangered species can significantly affect the way a project is designed and implemented.  MEC routinely field surveys for protected, threatened and endangered species.  MEC’s staff is skilled in the field procedures and reporting requirements that characterize a challenging field study.  MEC has fulfilled a number of the threatened and endangered species studies and section 7 consultations in Alabama.

  • Assess habitat suitability and review existing records
  • Prepare sampling protocols based on habitat suitability
  • Conduct species-specific sampling procedures
  • Coordinate with regulatory agencies based on sampling results

MEC’s habitat study assessments are important for quantifying the effects of alternative management plans over time. For example, by using habitat evaluation procedures MEC can help you compare the effects of not impacting your land to the effects of logging, mining, or grazing. MEC can be used in project planning, habitat management, mitigation, and environmental impact assessment by providing information about the relative value of different habitats at the same point in time, and about the relative value of the same area at future points in time.  MEC performs, supervises, and manages the study and assessment of impact on aquatic and wildlife resources, habitats, and their public use from planned development; the application of biological knowledge to permitting and project review for land use planning processes; and the oversight of land and water use activities in refuges, critical habitat areas, and sanctuaries.

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