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Bat Survey

Whether your project is industrial, commercial or private development; whether it is a new shopping center, subdivision, new mine site or an individual need, McGehee Engineering has experience and expertise in Threatened and Endangered bat surveys including the Indiana bat (Myotis sodalis), the Northern Long-eared bat (Myotis septentrionalis) and the Gray bat (Myotis gresescens), and stands ready to assist you no matter what your environmental survey need.  MEC uses the latest approved techniques to perform the necessary studies to identify the potential habitats and potential presences or probable absence of listed threatened and endangered species. MEC will work closely with you to identify your needs and find necessary solutions in order to address any areas of concern with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Below are a few aspects of the Bat Services we offer:

Habitat Assessment
Habitat Assessment include pre-survey assessment to identify any area of hibernacula as well as identifying and qualifying potential areas of summer roosting habitat. Habitat evaluations typically include database research, mapping and aerial photo review as well as onsite pedestrian site reconnaissance.  MEC personnel work closely with you so that you have a complete understanding of the areas of potential concern within your project boundary. Below is a list of some of the habitat assessment types offered:

  • Potential Summer Roosting Habitat Assessment
  • Phase I Winter Bat Habitat Assessment – caves and mines
  • Northern Long-eared bat Identification and Assessment
  • Indiana bat Habitat Identification and Assessment
  • Gray bat Habitat Identification and Assessment
  • Potential roost tree Identification and Assessment

Summer Surveys
Summer Survey types include:

  • Acoustic Surveys
  • Emergence Surveys
  • Fall Swarm Surveys
  • Harp Trapping of Caves and Mine Portals
  • Mist-Netting Surveys
  • Radio Telemetry and Tracking
  • Spring Emergence Surveys


Acoustic Monitoring Survey
McGehee Engineering uses the latest software and technology to capture and analyze bat calls in presence/absence surveys performed in accordance with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services Survey Guidelines. With personnel trained and experienced in using equipment from Wildlife Acoustics® and Petterson® MEC has extensive experience in bat call capture and analyzation using analytical software such as Kaleidoscope Pro® Echoclass and SonoBat®.

Mist-Netting Surveys
The currently approved summer survey season to determine presence or probable absence during the maternity season is May 15th through August 15th.  MEC personnel have experience in Mist-Netting Surveys to determine presence/absence of particular bat species on your project site and carries all the necessary approved USFWS collection permits to properly complete the surveys.
All MEC personnel working with mist-netting have attended multiple training or have been individually trained by highly experienced surveyors and adhere to the state and federal survey guidelines.

Indiana bat, Northern long-eared bat or other species of concern can be tracked with Radio Telemetry and tracking to determine the species roosting area.  MEC therefore can document roost trees, and population numbers, foraging and travel corridors.


McGehee Engineering holds a current U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Federal Fish and Wildlife Native Endangered & Threatened SP. Recovery E&T Wildlife Permit TE27608ZB-0

accoustic monitoring

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